Links to Learning Grant Program (L2L)


Purpose The purpose of the Links to Learning grant program is to encourage and support creative and innovative learning methods to enhance the District 103 curriculum.  We invite all D103 educators to apply to this grant program.  Grants are awarded twice annually, as approved by the PTO Links to Learning Grant Committee.


Annual Grant Budget A maximum of $20,000 per semester in Links to Learning Teacher Grants will be awarded for the 2023-24 school year by the PTO to teachers, administrators, and other educators within District 103.  A grant can be requested for any amount; however, most grants range in size from $500-$1500. ​


Application Process First semester grant applications are accepted from mid-October - November and second semester applications are accepted from February - March of each calendar year. Upon completion, the application form is submitted to the appropriate school principal for approval.  The principal will then submit all approved applications to the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction who will pass along approved applications to the Links to Learning Committee for evaluation.  Funding decisions will be announced by the Links to Learning Committee Chairperson.

The L2L Committee will evaluate each application for its: 

  • Innovative and educational nature; 
  • Curriculum enhancement potential; 
  • Budget reasonableness; and
  • Direct impact on students


Recent L2L Grants include:
  • Genre-fying the DW library to enhance student engagement
  • DJI Drone for DW to enrich classroom activities throughout the school
  • Mobile recording stations at DW
  • Podcasting equipment at Half Day that is integrated into various classroom projects
  • "Fidgets for Focus" at Half Day that provides each teacher daily access to fidgets
  • Role play props to aid in teaching English to multilingual learners  
  • "Wonder Windows" at Sprague to nurture inquiry of our changing world outside
  • "Pretend Play" centers for Kindergarten to encourage abstract thinking and creativity
  • Sensory Room expansion at Sprague

2022- 2023

  • Purposeful Play, Pretend Play, Letter Play, Sensory Exploration tools for Sprague
  • Robolink and Sphero Robotics for Half Day Robotics to teach programing skills that boost critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. 
  • Flexible 6th Grade Math Seating, including a standing desk and 7 wobble chairs to provide students with the opportunity for movement to help students better focus and improve motivation
  • Ukeleles for Half Day 5th Grade Music to provide students an introduction to an accessible instrument they can accompany themselves on while they are singing.
  • Innovative Rhythm Glow Drumming to encourage teach rhythm in a fun way at Half Day
  • Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks Set for innovative interactive play during recess at Half Day
  • Half Day Makerspace Tools to strengthen skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, collaboration, growth mindset, information literacy, and technology literacy


  • Sensory processing/regulation materials 
  • PC and accessories to upgrade live streaming events 
  • Front browsing library shelving 
  • Display boards for student work and storage to upgrade the Sprague Fine Arts hallway 
  • Swivel Robot bundle for use for instructional coaching 
  • Adjustable Sitting to Standing Desks for a math classroom
  • Spanish School Bus App licenses
  • Deluxe recess cart with playground equipment such as balls, hula hoops, etc.
  • Two Lifespan bicycle desks
  • Sumblox sets for math enrichment
  • Kindergarten work bags for at home learning
  • Go Pro for Creative Arts
  • Peekapak app licenses
  • Literacy Mini Kits from Reading Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks 

In addition, the PTO purchased instruments for all three schools, including: Xylophones and a Cello that funded through donated Music Appreciation funds.



  • Reflex Math licenses
  • STEM lab wish list
  • Flexible Seating for Classroom and Outdoors
  • Sprague School Break/Calming Boxes
  • Step into the New Year Challenge - pedometers
  • Audio Recording Studio
  • Flexible Seating/Standing Desks
  • Half Day School Green Team: Project Collaboration with Illinois Green Alliance Outdoor Learning Space Creation
  • Self-Regulation Tools


  • Empower Language Through Core Vocabulary
  • Interactive Storytime for Early Childhood
  • Motor Room Flooring
  • Sensory Processing Support
  • Logitech Crayons for Digital Art Curriculum
  • Heart Zones - heart rate monitors
  • Flexible Seating in a 6th Grade ELA Classroom
  • Kinetic Classroom: Phase 2
  • Snack Cart for Guided and IIP Classroom Program
  • Logitech Crayons to maximize interactive teaching at Daniel Wright
  • Brain Bins for 1st Grade
  • Ozobt Evo Classroom Kit of 12 Robots at Half Day​
  • 10 x 10 Records Board for PE and Athletic Achievements


  • Classroom Library featuring Culturally Diversity and Flexible Seating
  • Las Muñecas - set of puppets for Spanish classrooms
  • PE Wii Exergaming System
  • Sprague and Half Day School - Student Green Team Club 
  • Voice amplification systems for Half Day School ​
  • Lighting and Stands for 7th & 8th Grade Performing Arts Class
  • Early Childhood/Kindergarten Computer Science Manipulatives
  • Centros de Juego Estructurado - Structured Play Centers for Spanish classrooms
  • Sensory Processing and Functional Communication Project at Sprague School
  • Enhanced Video Production and Live Streaming at Daniel Wright
  • Emotional Regulation using Biofeedback at Half Day
  • Building a STEAM/Diverse Literacy Connection for First Grade
  • Nature-Based Learning and Play for Kindergarten Science


  • Little Free Library
  • Listening tools for Spanish classrooms
  • Pop Phones in Music and Performing Arts
  • Purposeful Play Expansion
  • LulzBot 3D Printer
  • STEM and Reach for Mac Computers 
  • Integrating Green Screen into the Classroom
  • Enhance Audio Recordings with Native Union Pop Handsets 
  • Enhanced Video Production & Live Stream
  • Heart Zone System
  • Adapted Physical Education Fitness Assessment 
  • Kinetic Classroom seating/equipment