Each year, the PTO recognizes a volunteer who exemplifies the commitment of Dawn Anderson to District 103.  Dawn generously volunteered for District 103, the D103 PTO and our community.  We now award a volunteer that demonstrates that commitment.


The nominee must be someone whose youngest child is an 8th grade student so that this volunteer will be "graduating" from District 103.  The volunteer should be someone who has committed his or her time over several years to our district, including volunteering for the PTO.


Maybe this is a visible volunteer who has led many PTO events or a quiet contributor that we could always count on to fill in when needed.  Like Dawn, this volunteer should have an infectious volunteer spirit.  


History of the Dawn Anderson Volunteer Angel Award


Dawn Anderson is a former District 103 parent and volunteer who leaves a profound impact on District 103 and what it means to be an active and engaged volunteer. From the minute Dawn’s kids began in D103 until many years beyond when they graduated from Daniel Wright and then Stevenson High School, she was busy giving her time for any and every opportunity that presented itself. Committee chairs and co-chairs knew to call Dawn when they needed something done! Whether she was leading a program or contributing as a regular volunteer, Dawn always showed up with a smile and would often spend 40+ hours a week working on any PTO, Volunteer Council, OMMPa (Music boosters), Learning Fund Foundation, or teacher based project that needed a hand.

Many of the programs Dawn worked on didn’t even involve Dawn’s two sons. Dawn volunteered because she loved helping the kids; all the kids, and the teachers and staff.  Helping the children of D103 became Dawn’s life’s work. And how lucky our schools are to have had her. Of particular impact was her passion for HEPCO (Half Day Publishing Company) where she had a hand in helping publish more than 600 student books per year for almost 10 years.  For this one program alone, Dawn contributed to making a book that will be a lifelong keepsake for thousands of D103 children.
Dawn pictured here in 2008 with her family receiving the Scott Guziec Volunteer of the Year Award.  "Dawn Anderson is a volunteering machine" - Amy Gordon 2008 PTO President
Dawn’s volunteer spirit was infectious, making those around her want to help more or give that little extra of their time. Capable, bright, hard-working, compassionate, dedicated, reliable, loyal, dependable... we can go on and on.

On May 20, 2008, Dawn was awarded with the PTO’s Scott Guziec Volunteer of the Year Award to recognize her service to the District 103 PTO.  Amy Gordon, the 2008 PTO President had this to say about Dawn in 2008:

“Dawn Anderson is a volunteering machine. Her boys, Carl and Kyle, are both at Daniel Wright Junior High School, but that is not enough to keep her away from all three schools. She works tirelessly in positions that do not offer glamour or kudos. She slaps on her smile and supports anyone in need of a pair of hands.”

Though PTO’s highest honor, Dawn’s receipt of the Volunteer of the Year Award never seemed to truly capture the one of a kind volunteer that Dawn had become to the PTO. So, on May 20th, 2010, as Dawn’s youngest child graduated from the district, the PTO Board recognized Dawn with a first and only of its kind District 103 Lifetime Volunteer Achievement award.  Beth Konieczny, the 2010 PTO President had this to say about Dawn in 2010:

“We are closing in on the end of an era...having Dawn Anderson as a parent volunteer in District 103.  Dawn's contribution to the district stands out across the years and really surpasses any award that we have in place for such recognition.” 

On November 15, 2017, The District 103 PTO voted to create an annual award to honor Dawn’s legacy and incomparable volunteer spirit by creating a lifetime achievement award in her name, the Dawn Anderson Volunteer Angel Award.  This new award will be presented in May of each year to recognize a graduating D103 parent(s) that embodies Dawn’s example and lifetime of devotion to District 103.